Why Invest
in Alanya?

Why Invest in Alanya?

Why Invest in a beach house at a coastal town by the Mediterranean?

There are many reasons:

  • Alanya is a fast developing economy. More recently the credit rating of Alanya was increased which helps secure the property prices against fluctuations.

  • Federal and local government invests heavily to help Alanya become one of the most attractive cities along the southern coast of Turkey.

  • Property values are steadily increasing. Purchasing a property is both a positive investment as well as a life style choice.

  • Alanya Castle is one of Unesco’s World Heritage sites.

  • Alanya has the perfect climate with 300 sunny days in a year.

  • Alanya attracts globe-trotters from all over the world since there is so much to enjoy and see.

  • Alanya has a regional hospital, a dental hospital, amphitheater, a convention center and the fine infrastructure to support a lively, safe and fun daily life.

  • Do not miss the opportunity to invest in a property in Alanya, now is the best time to do it!

  • Kucuker Construction has been in construction business for the past 20 years and we work hard to help you make this investment without any hassle and surprises.

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